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Irish Brides

My fiance is from Ireland and I would like to incorporate his culture into our ceremony.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this? I would be open to any readings that aren't religious. I am Jewish and he is Irish Catholic. We are trying to keep the peace with our families :)


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    We are having my FI's cousin (his fam is Irish) read the Irish Wedding Blessing during the ceremony.
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    My daughter had many Irish elements in her wedding/reception.  Although they weren't Irish tradition, they were Irish!

       It wasn't planned (must have been The Luck of the Irish) but the priest 
          who married them happened to be from Ireland and had a very thick brogue!
       A bag piper was playing outside of the church.  He was wearing the Irish   
          National Tartan and the men in the bridal party all had silk pocket   
          squares that were also the Irish National Tartan.
       She had Bells of Ireland in all of the bouquets and floral arrangements.
       The girls all had a shamrock pin on their bouquets.
       The cake had Irish Cream filling.
       At the cocktail hour she had pots of shamrocks on all of the tables.
       The guest book was photos of Ireland
       They went to Ireland on their honeymoon
       They had a bogo which had shamrocks incorporated in the design.

    I'm sure there were other Irish things, but I can't think of them right now.
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    kilts, blue dress, bagpiper, Irish band for reception, Irish food for buffet, Celtic knot on EVERYTHING..lolololol...handfasting, Irish wedding vows

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    Make sure to ring a bell at the ceremony after the "I do's."  Also, the bride usually carries a horseshoe with her bouquet.  A lot of people get bagpipers for the entrance/exit at the ceremony.  (my family personally reserves it for funerals) Also, irish shops sell unity candles with irish themes, which are nice.
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    Just a word of caution on the kilt--it is a Celtic tradition. The tartans, though, are only by Clan in Scotland, for the most part.  In Ireland, they're by County.  To me, I would rather symbolize the family rather than the county my family is from, KWIM?  This is also why you'll rarely see a pinning of the tartan on the bride in an Irish ceremony.  For the Scotts, it's a welcome to the family symbol.   Bagpipes, are Scottish also (well, actually middle-east first, then to Scotland.  There are smaller bagpipes, but they don't have the drones, and are more of an "Irish" sound with which you're probably familiar.)

    There are tons of other Irish brides on these boards, so they might have other ideas (I'm of Scottish descent) but I've seen the horseshoe charms mentioned, the Celtic knots embroidered into the gown, etc. 

    The handfasting is also a Celtic thing, but of Pagan origin, so many Christian churches won't allow it.  It's short for Handfastening, and the hands are joined, by being tied together.  There's an entire ritual associated with it, but there are ways to make it more palatable to those who are unfamiliar with Pagan rites. 
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    i heard it was bad luck to have green on your wedding day. and a horse shoe around your wrist is good luck.
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