Yay! Another one of my good friends just got engaged! Looking for venue under $2,500.00??

Is that even possible? I hear that every year these wedding venues are shooting through the roof. My best friend got married at Mercury Hall in August of 2010, that's only 500 something days ago... She paid about $3,700.00 for her venue. Now I hear that Mercury Hall is over $4,000.00 a night now!??

Ok so my friend just got engaged and already asking me for wedding planning help. She's trying to find a venue in or anywhere around Austin that can seat 75 guests comfortably inside, in case of rain... Her budget is strictly $2,500.00. I feel like that number is impossible!

Am I right in my thoughts? Or is it possible?

Re: Yay! Another one of my good friends just got engaged! Looking for venue under $2,500.00??

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    My venue is $3000 for a Saturday night and I think $2500 for a Friday.  She can also get bridal bucks from the next bridal show and get $500 off her rental.  That's what I did and it's only $2500 for me on a Saturday night.  It's Mansion at Judges Hill if she's interesting in taking a look.

    Also check out Taylor Mansion, Thurman Mansion, Kindred Oaks, Angel Springs.  I think all of those will fit in her price range.
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    I totally appreciate it. I was losing my faith in Austin... = D
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    I think another couple awesome venues are The Texas Women's Federation and the Austin Woman's Club/Chateau Bellevue. I know both of those are under $2500.00. We just looked at those for our wedding.
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    We married at the Caswell House and it fits your budget criteria.  It's a beautiful venue downtown.
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    ditto re: the chateau bellevue/austin women's club... its $2500 rental with a $3k f&b minimum and AH-MAZING.  They have all of the linens, dishes, glasses, tables, chairs, etc, which really helps cut down on expenses

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    I'd suggest Texas Federation of Women's Clubs - it was the 14th venue we visited and I wish it had been the first!
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    We're getting married at Driftwood Vineyards on a Saturday night for $2500 - but the biggest help to our budget is that if you sign up to be a Wine Club member, they knock 15% off that price, as well as all the wine for the wedding. Plus, they've got all the tables and chairs you'll need, and you can bring in your own beer and any vendors you'd like.
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