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do we have to do the bubbles?

We are getting married at the reception hall- so there's not going to be that leaving the church moment when everyone throws rice/blows bubbles, etc. I was at a wedding where the ceremony and the reception were at the same place and though the bride gave out bubbles, no one really used them and then it's just a waste. Since I'm on a budget (not that bubbles break the bank, but still!!)- does anyone think we have to do bubbles? Or maybe there is an alternative to bubbles that I don't know about??

Re: do we have to do the bubbles?

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    You don't have to do anything like that.  Nothing like that is a requirement.  All you HAVE to have is a groom and an officiant.

    We got married outside at our venue and then went inside for the cocktail hour and reception, so we didn't have our guests blow bubbles or throw anything at us.  They just stood up and clapped and cheered, and that was good enough!
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    Why would you HAVE to do bubbles? Are the Wedding Police going to come and tie you down and beat you up if you don't?

    Some people like to do things like rose petals, rice, eco-confetti, lavender, bells or noisemakers, birdseed, sparklers if it's nighttime, or (shudder) ribbon wands. Some churches and ceremony sites restrict the things you can throw because that means someone has to clean it up afterward ... and some states consider sparklers to be fireworks so they are often not allowed. You shouldn't do live butterflies or doves because (a) they're live animals and not props, and (b) it can wreak havoc on the local ecosystem. Balloon releases will also not be environmentally friendly because the balloons will eventually pop and then fall to the ground as litter, and animals might eat the plastic and get sick or even die.

    The only thing I ever saw done in real life was a birdseed toss in the early 90s. I also saw a sword arch at a Navy wedding that was nice. I had no idea that "sendoffs" were so popular until I started chatting here ... and I doubt they're even that universally popular - I think people just see them in bios here and think they HAVE to do them.
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    There's no need to do any kind of toss if you don't want to.

    We didn't do any kind of toss and it was just one less thing to worry about.  Hugs and kisses are way better than soap!
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    As a guest, I wouldn't think twice about not having something to toss at the departing couple. If they handed something out, that'd be fine, and if they didn't and everyone just cheered and laughed and hi-fived (or something) the married couple that's great too. Don't do the bubbles it if you don't want to.
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