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So I am working on my processional for my wedding and I wanted to see if I could get some input.   We are having an outdoor wedding (crossing my fingers for good weather) and are involving many family member in different ways.  Here is what I have come up with for a "line up" if you will (it is best for me to put things in sport terms helps my think Laughing)

Groom and Pastor...his Great Aunt is performing the ceremony
Bride's Aunt and Uncle (we are very close and she is doing our flowers)
Groom's Parents
Groom and Step-Mom (my mom passed 7 yrs ago and dad remarried 4 yrs ago. Having FI go back and walk with her seemed to be the best option my BIL did this at their wedding and it seemed to work your thoughts??)
Mach up GMs and BMs
Best Man and MOH 
Bride and Dad

We want to include everyone best as we can without having anyone walk alone...I have been in weddings that did it both ways and I liked walking with someone cause 1) I hate being the center of attention and feeling all eyes on me  and 2) I like having someone there if I trip truthfully it happened at a wedding and the GM with me saved me from sliding down the isle at a catholic church.  Thanks for any thoughts you all have and any advice!! 
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