Lot's of DIY projects ahead and my wedding is 2 weeks away... =/

I have the same excuse as anyone else. I work a lot and I like to do it all myself, to make sure it's been done the right way of course!

Any of your ladies making a lot of the decor and notecards, programs, invites yourself?

I was given a few menu design options by my caterer today, after touring my wedding venue. Gosh Austin Botanical Gardens is just sooo pretty! I was so excited to blow my family away with our venue location today.

My caterer provided me with this menu idea.... 

And I love it but really want a chalkboard display with colorful chalk writting too! So I want both! She just made it sound so good... Anyone every used chalkboard paint above glass or customized a chalkboard to meet the size of the inside of a large frame??

 Any suggestions of advice would be great!

Thanks Ladies!
~ M

Re: Lot's of DIY projects ahead and my wedding is 2 weeks away... =/

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    If you want it all now is a good time to start letting people help. You will not be able to micromanage the day of your wedding very well. I love the idea of having a chalkboard menue. This could be a good diy project for your FI to help with/ do together. I wish I could gel more but we didn't have menus. I'm sure you can get chalk paint/ tools at a craft store or hardware store (depending on what exactly you need). If you do the mosaic tiles yourself you can get patterns of tiles predone at a hardware store.
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