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Ring Warming Ceremony

Our pastor loved this idea!!! I can not find who I borrowed the idea from on here as they had a sign I wanted to use the wording from. We are having appx. 150 guests at the wedding and are asking them to arrive at least 15 mins early to get a chance to bless the rings. We are not doing it by passing along the pews but instead by having a silent area that people can go in and bless the rings and sign the guest book and write down a few blessings/thoughts of wisdom for the couple and place in a box so no one is self consious. The bridal party will be walking around and greating people for us and encouraging others to visit the area. We are having the ceremony start 15-20 mins late depending on how popular/backed up the blessing is.

Since we are not doing any readings, songs or candle lighting this is the big part we are putting importance on. Quick ceremony means we can wait a lil longer for people to finish...

Any tips are appreciated.

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