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Sand Ceremony

I'm getting married in October and my fiance and I have decided to do the sand ceremony. Our wedding is black and white with some rose red, but i was wondering do i have to use our wedding colors? I was thinking about just our favorite colors.

Also another thing do we need programs, our ceremony isn't going to be long at all, just vows, rings exchange, and sand ceremony so i didn't see the point in making about 200 programs. Thanks!

Re: Sand Ceremony

  • You don't have to have programs, but it is nice for the guests to be able to follow along. Also alot of people (depending on the # of guests) may not know the bridal party and programs are a good way to tell everyone who they are

  • You can use any colors of sand that you would like to. It doesn't need to be your wedding colors.

    And programs are necessary, but they are a nice thing to have.
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    My best friend and her husband did this. The wedding colours were blue and purple and green but they didn't use those in the sand ceremony. Her sand was white and his was blue.

    During the ceremony when the priest was explaining the sand ceremony and about to call them up for it, he said (and note that this was a southern Ontario wedding) "Maple Leafs colours, I see." The bride and groom both piped up "No no, Blue Jays!"
  • You can print up an explanation of the ceremony to give to your guests, just so they know what is happening. Even if your officiant explains it they might not be able to understand him/her so a print out gives them something. If you print it yourself it won't cost much either.

    As for the colors, I would go with something that matches your style or the room it will be kept in (living room, bed room, etc.) Where you keep it later is more important than matching it with the rest of the ceremony.

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