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Ceremony with tables and chairs

We're having our ceremony and reception in one location. We're contemplating having the tables and chairs set up for the reception pre-ceremony to cut down on the wait in between ceremony and reception. This obviously means we won't have the traditional chair arrangements with aisle for the ceremony. We'd still have an aisle, but it would look different with the tables and I'm not sure if I would like it. Has anyone else done this? How did it work out?

Also, how did it work for your guests - did they just move the chairs around to adjust for easier viewing? I want to ensure that this not only looks nice for photos, but that our guests are all comfortable and able to see the ceremony.

Re: Ceremony with tables and chairs

  • Personally, I don't like it. The idea of guests having to try to move their seats all around and you walk in some weird "aisle" sounds just unpleasant to me. I understand wanting to not have to do the set up in between though.

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  • Take a look at the post below (from a few days ago), "Ceremony Aisle" ... that might help.  Good luck.
  • We are having ours in one location. What we are doing is coming in the morning of (since there is an event the night before) and setting up all the tables, decor, etc.. They have all the tables pushed to one side of the room, and then have these foldable shades that hide the tables. They use the same chairs for the ceremony and the reception, so when the ceremony is over, they just pull out the tables, and put chairs at them. They told me it takes 6 minutes. I guess they do it all the time, so they've got it down pretty good.

    So I figure in the 5 or 6 minutes it takes to do that, guests will be getting drinks and appetizers. We also have to go out for pictures, just a few minutes, since we're doing most pictures beforehand. So that also gives everyone time to get drinks or whatever, and get seated before we arrive and are announced.

    Maybe you could talk to your venue about something like that?
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  •  i want to do the same thing and was wondering how the guest would feel!
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