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Finding an Officiant

 I am Methodist, and my fiance was raised Catholic, but neither one of us belongs to a church or has a relationship with a reverend/pastor. We have decided to have a Methodist ceremony, held outdoors at our reception venue, but have yet to find an officiant.  The officiants who advertise seem to be largely "non denominational" and somewhat profit driven. (Is this incorrect?)

If you were in this same situation, how did you find your officiant? I'd love to know your tips!! 
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Re: Finding an Officiant

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    Non-demoniational officiants are usually in the wedding "business", but there's really nothing wrong with that.  The same holds true for musicians, photographers, caterers, etc.  It doesn't mean that they'll be less sincere about doing their job.  In fact, you would have to pay the pastor at your church to perform the wedding as well.  That said, here are some ideas:

    * Would the pastor of your church be willing to perform a wedding outside the church?  Many are.
    * Find a non-demoninational chaplain - ask your local board for recommendations
    * Go the secular route - Find a judge to perform the ceremony - again, ask your local board for recc's
    * Have a friend get ordained on-line to perform your ceremony (though it should be a friend who is comfortable with public speaking!)

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    You can also ask your venue if they have recommendations. I would expect to pay any pastor/reverend unless you have a personal relationship with them. They are performing a service.

    If you are set on having a Methodist ceremony, why not call churches in your area and see if someone is willing to come out and perform your ceremony.
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    I know what you mean about "profit driven".  They charge a very large fee for the ceremony, a fee to travel to the ceremony, and if you want them to do the rehearsal you have to pay even more.  Whereas a minister from a church charges a flat rate for their service and doesn't sit there and charge for every "extra" they do. 

    You may have luck contacting a local Methodist chuch to see if they have a minister who would be willing to do your ceremony. 
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    I found my officiant using the vendor search on wedding wire.  She was absolutely incredible. 

    I would also check with your local church(es) to see if they have any reccos.
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