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How did you choose your readers?

I'm trying to figure out who to have read at our wedding.  One of the readings is light hearted and the other is quite sentimental.  How do you decide?  Is there a right or a wrong way to do this? 

Re: How did you choose your readers?

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    There isn't a right or wrong way. We picked two close friends that we wanted to include in the wedding. It can be a friend or a family member that you want to include in the ceremony. 
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    We went with family members who we are close to (our cousins were each to do a reading). My cousin was not able to attend so I asked my close friend to do it.

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    We went with close friends and my godmother/aunt, who wouldn't have been included in the ceremony otherwise.  There is no right or wrong way to do it.  I have even seen the pastor/officiant do the readings.  Whatever works for you.
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    I have a few friends from HS that I was not able to include in the WP, or it would just be too big, so FI and I are hoping to include them in the ceremony in some other way, like by doing readings or singing.
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    We chose someone who is very dear to us, but is a bit older than the rest of the wedding party
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    We chose my uncle and my cousin.  Neither of them mind being put on the spot.  There were others we would like to have asked, but they are not comfortable speaking in front of large groups.
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    There is no wrong or right way to pick. My wedding is a year away but we already picked our readers. I have a brother and my FI has a sister. My brother is not a groomsman and his sister is not a bridesmaid so we thought it would be nice to include them in the ceremony somehow so they will be doing the readings. Pick people who are close to you and who will be comfortable reading.
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    We chose my mom and FMIL to each do a reading. We wanted a way to incorporate all of our parents into the day. My dad is walking me down the aisle, FFIL is giving a speech at reception, and moms are doing a was the best solution for us! Plus, both ladies are very spiritual and comfortable doing biblical readings. 
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    FI wanted to ask his two cousins as a way to include them in the wedding. Ours is a Christian ceremony so it was important to us to have the readers be Christian as well -- I wouldn't ask a friend who wasn't religious to read from the Bible, if that makes sense. So that helped narrow down who we were going to ask.

    The comfort level of the person is also important to take into consideration. Some people HATE speaking in public and would rather have a behind-the-scenes role.
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