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Altar advice please!

I am getting married at my family's 200 year old farmhouse.  At this point, I can't decide if I want to get married on the front porch, or under the big tree in the front yard.  If I got married under the tree, I can either come out the front door or out from around the side of the house.  If I got married on the porch, it would be more difficult because I would need to figure out a way to approach the venue from the road.  It's for this reason that i'm leaning to under the tree, but if I do this, does anyone have any creative ideas for how to mark our altar?

Big tree in the front yard (picture taken during winter, it will be less barren in August)

View from under the tree, looking back at the house.

Straight-on view of the house.

Any suggestions would really be appreciated! Thanks!

Re: Altar advice please!

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    I think getting married under the tree with the house in the background sounds wonderful. Not to mention some beautiful pictures.
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    can you do teh front porch, but come out from around the side of the house?  there's no rule that says your aisle must be a straight line.... you could loop around from teh side, then walk right up to the front steps.
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    Under the tree, come out the front door. It will look nice to walk down the stairs to the aisle. Also, you can hang flowers from the tree branches.
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    Hi there -

    I think the tree idea is a great one!

    As for how to decorate it, I'm think streamers. LOTS and LOTS of streams over the long, low branch that reaches out to the right. So many streamers that they form a curtain which will make a lovely backdrop.

    You could choose from 1 or 2 or 3 colours if you wanted something understated or just go with every colour streamer you can fine for a really cool relaxed country style feel. Either one would be amazing.

    Hope this helps!

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    I like doing it by the tree and coming out the front door. To me that says amazing pictures!!! Now for making and altar. To provide a backdrop you could do the streamers but if it's really windy or at all damp you might have a problem. I saw something in a magazine once that used satin ribbons of various widths. In front of that there was a table with a table-runner made of the various ribbons as well. If the ribbons don't make it, you could try hanging the tissue paper balls or lanterns at varying heights from the tree over the area where you plan to be standing to create a focal point along with a covered table. Lit paper lanterns would also look nice too if your ceremony takes place closer to dusk. If you search pictures of outdoor weddings there are a lot to look at!
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    I like having it under the tree. I think it'd be pretty to hang white twinkle lights around the tree. If you have access to a trellis, that'd be a great marker for the "atler." Or, you could make a marker on the ground out of flower petals.
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    You could hang strings with clear round ornaments and pastel tissue paper from the tree branches.  I saw this in a Martha Stewart magazine and it looked magical!  Sorry, I can't find a pic...
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    I like ivy a lot, I would drape lots of ivy over the tree and I like the twinkling lights idea too :)
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    I like the tree best.

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