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Catholic bride question

Are you putting flowers at the feet of the Blessed Mother?  My Deacon says it's our choice.  He also mentioned that it is very beautiful.  In the "Marriage" book they gave us it says, It symbolizes a deotion to Mary and the recognition of need for her help to be pure and faithful in marriage.  However, if the wedding couple intend to start their marriage with unnatural forms of birth control, then the are deciding to live in martial impurity.  In such circumstances, is it right for the bride to pretend that she is really putting their lives under the special protection of the Virgin Mary?  Within saying that....ahhhhh we live together, etc.I don't know...I guess it's not a big deal to me either way.  I was just wondering what people normally do.  I don't recall seeing it at the Catholic weddings I've been at.

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    Like pps, I have always seen it done at the Catholic weddings I have been to and we are doing it for our wedding.
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    We did it.  Just a note: pick very carefully the song that is played during this time.  My cousin ended up kneeling in front of the statue of Mary for what seemed like ever (maybe 3-4minutes???) while they finished the song, and I got up earlier than I was supposed to and ended up just kinda standing in front of the church for about 2 minutes while they finished the song.  If it's a long song, arrange ahead of time with the organist or singer to have a cue to start to wrap it up.
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