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This has been asked before. I've slacked, but I really should see a dermatologist. Please recommend someone in the Burlington County area. Thanks!

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    Dr's High and Harrop in Medford are great! My dad had to see them for skin cancer on his face.  (609) 953-0908Stay away from Dr. Andrea Buck and Dr. Karen Harkaway. My BIL saw both of them for a problem he was having and they just kept writing for the most expensive name brand drugs even though at the time he didn't have prescription coverage. And what they wrote for didn't even fix the problem. Eventually his family Dr diagnosed it and cured it over the counter for like $12! Good Luck and congrats on the baby!!!!
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    Emily, that really sucks about your BIL with Harkaway.  My daughter was seeing her and we really liked her.  I told them straight away that I didn't have a prescription plan and she worked with me as much as she could to find less expensive alternatives.
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