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Just wanted to leave my experience with Adrian Pierce in Berlin. I got my dress there but did not have to order it. Everything was going great with them, we ordered the bridesmaid dresses and they came in on time. However when we started alterations the seamtress told us that she was planning on going on vacation sometime in August but not to worry and she would finish everything before she left. Well I didn't get a call so at the beginning of August I called and they said the seamtress had left on vacation but all the dresses were done. So we were supposed to be psychic. When we went to see them and try them on, my bustle is nothing like what we talked about! That's the most disappointing of everything! It looks fine it's just not the way we talked about doing it. The bridesmaids dresses also have a small train and needed a bustle. The bustles on 3 out of the 5 dresses are different. And look horrbile. there are tails just flying around, and they just do not look good at all. So now we are running around 2 weeks before trying to get all the dresses to look the same! and not dumb!. And I ordered my veil 2 months ago and they said it would take 3 weeks to come in and it's still not in. Plus they changed their hours and are now closed Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. And only open till 5 the other days. Which is not helpful when you live 2 hours away.I know some people have used them with out a problem, I guess I'm just the lucky one.

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    That really sucks, and I'm sure this is very aggravating to have an extra stressor very close to your wedding.  I went to them and thought they were very nice, but I bought my dress somewhere else.  I can't believe they closed their store for all those days.  They are going to go out of business with only being open on Wed and Sat, and yes, that sucks even more that you're so far.  Everything will turn out ok.  The same thing happened to two of my friends, and I think that is why a lot of people end up using a seamstress outside of their bridal stores.  I think I've heard the name Rose Lafferty mentioned here if you need one to fix your dresses, send out a post for her info.
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