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Hi,Thanks for your response about inviting or not inviting all your friends to your wedding.My original plans are to do what you're doing...invite a small amount of friends and the rest mostly family....budget reasons and my medical limitations.How did you word things to your distant friends?  One of my distant friends asked me how things were going.  I told her we were having a small wedding of mostly family only, but we considering picking 3 friends each.  She immediately can't do that, which means she is going to be offended if I don't invite her.  I've told the same things to some of my other friends, and they all were cool with it, but there are some distant friends I haven't told my plans to yet.  Haven't told them because they're distant..ha ha.  My mom asked me how I am going to get away with inviting only 3 friends.  She brought up some good what if my other friends tell the distant ones they're invited, what if pics of my wedding get posted on facebook and my distant friends see which friends I chose.  I don't want to feel like I have to hide my pictures or my decisions.  I feel like if I don't invite certain friends and they get offended, then they should have been closer to me.  Weddings are a fortune, and I based my list on who is the most genuine and who I felt would remain in my life for the rest of my life.  I just want to know the best way to word things.  I continue to say...we would love to invite everyone, but we are having a mostly family wedding.  What do I say if they ask if I am inviting any friends???  Do I say, yes, I am, only our close ones, and you aren't one of them..ha ha.  What is a nice way to tell them they're not invited?Also, do you think you will regret not inviting some of your distant friends?  I know that with me...I might...some of my distant friends can be distant one year and close the next year.  Is this the same for you?Thanks for your help...I know I am babbling.

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    I didn't really word it anyway...I've run into a few of them over the planning and when they asked how it was going I said good and would kind of comment how I couldn't belive are guest list was as big as it was with just family.Your sitituation might be a little different b/c all of our friends aren't in the same "group" of friends and the ones that are in a group are the ones invited b/c we see them the most.I have highschool friends who I still talk to every once in a while and we've all gotten or are getting married and we all kind of just understood. I've even talked to my one friend about how they are inviting about 50 of their friends and I know we aren't on the list and I wouldn't expect to be b/c we only see eachother 1-2 times a year.If you have a group of friends that you always hang out with then inviting only one of them would be tough but if they are all distant then you don't have to say anything.  Some people may get offended but they'll understand...weddings have budgets and limits.  I personally would never expect to be invited to a distant friends wedding.As far as will I regret it...No I know I won't...if I'm only seeing them 1-2 times a year I really don't think I"m going to miss them the day of my wedding and there will be 200 of my closest friends and family thereGood luck with your decision and if someone who your not inviting asks how things are going.  Just be short and sweet and say good and maybe comment on how you wish you could invite everyone you wanted but it's costing so much.  Don't mention that your only inviting a few friends
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    Thanks for your response...It was helpful....I'll think things over...until next week.
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