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To hire a ceremony musician or not to hire...

I'm planning my wedding from 2000 miles away and I have no idea what to do for ceremony music. Should I hire a pianist to play during the ceremony or can I just make a CD and have that playing?

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Re: To hire a ceremony musician or not to hire...

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    You can go the DIY route and just have a CD or ipod, but dont forget you'll need someone to man it. You'll also need to get the timing just right so they can stop/start certain songs for the bridal party and your grand entrance. I didn't want to leave this up to chance so my DJ is also doing the ceremony music. Maybe whoever you are using at the reception can also do the ceremony?

    Check with the local board for whatever are your wedding will be in, maybe they have some good ideas on a pianist or someone that can perform at the ceremony.
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    We used a CD.  It was fine.  We just had a friend fade out the music if it lasted longer than necessary for a particular purpose (e.g., the processional).
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    It depends--are you getting married in a church, or at your venue?  If you're getting married in a church, they should have a pianist or organist. I'm sure they'd work with you over the phone to make sure you have all your songs selected, etc.  If your ceremony and reception are all in one place, they may be able to help you with some referrals to musicians. A pianist or harpist at a venue ceremony would be very nice.
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    I hired a violinist. To be honest, it’s one of the wedding decisions I’m most excited about.  You could DIY but I honestly think live music for the ceremony adds an extra element of sophistication and sacredness.  As stated in PP, make sure you have someone to man the music if you DIY.

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