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Are sparklers legal in NJ?

I wanted to know if anyone knew whether sparklers are legal or not in Jersey. I really want to use them for my grand exit. If they are illegal, anyone have any suggestions as to what I should use in substitution? TIA!

Re: Are sparklers legal in NJ?

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    You have to ask the venue you plan on using them at...we couldn't have them at the church or the venue so we area getting them for picts with just the bridal party and our photographer is buying them in PA b/c I can't find them anywhere here
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    Just my $.02, but I hate any kind of send off at the end of he night. Here are all the people in he world that you love and at the end of the night your gonna light some sparklers and drive away without saying goodbye or thanks to any of hem. All for a photo op. Skip the send-off and say goodnight to your guests instead. It will mean much more to them and yourself.
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    I dont think they are illegal to use/burn but I dont believe they are sold in NJ (unless they're seasonal for July 4th). If you want sparklers, just head into PA or DE to buy (which I believe crossing the state line to buy is illegal, but who will catch you?) lol
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    A friend of mine was married July 4th this year and they used sparklers for their entrance and it was awesome!! I say Do It!
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    Technically, they are illegal.  It really depends on your venue.  We used them for our MDW wedding and everyone loved them.  After we had our last dance(after spending time with everyone and thanking them for coming), they gathered outside for our exit.  After we went through, they all played in the parking lot with them--they all felt like kids with a new toy.
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    i was just at a wedding and they did that . It was really cute, but they did catch someone coat on fire. So just be careful and the bride dress did have little burns on it.
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