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Rates for Wedding Cermony

How much has everyone spent on the ceremony site? My church which is non-denominational christian church is charging $500.00 for the pastor/church/wedding coordinator and assistant. Is this normal? or is this relatively high? Theres no one close to me that has gotten married recently so, I thought ask theknot community! Any information would be helpful!!! 

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    The cost varies greatly from region to region, so you'd do better asking this on a loca Chicago area board.  I'm from NJ and our prices for things might be very different from yours which might be very different from someone in Rapid City, S. Dakota.
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    They vary wildly depending on the urban/rural of the area.  I've heard of people paying more than $2500 for churches in NYC, and people routinely getting them for free or $100 in the country.

    Our church was $2K including everything, tip for priest, music, flowers, coordinator, and pre-cana.  It's a big cathedral in the middle of the city. 
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    My wedding is in the Chicago sububs.  My church charges $500 for parishoners ($750 for non-parishoners), which includes the church, priest, and marriage prep.  It's also another $150 directly to the required wedding coordinator, and $150 for the music director.
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    My church charges $350 for a parishioner. That covers the priest and the organist.  I expect $500 once I add in a gift for the priest and a tip for the organist.  Also if we need an altar server...which I don't think we will as we are not having Communion. But $500 sounds reasonable. I expected mine to be $500 and was pleasantly surprised when it was $350.
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    Ditto pps about it varying by region. I live in NYC and the Church fees were about $700, including pre marital class and ceremony music. Things tend to be more expensive here than elsewhere, though.
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    My church, Catholic, charges $725.  It includes EVERYTHING.  Classes, organist, cantor, priest, janitor, altar server, wedding coordinator.  It is a almost like a cathedral it is really big and fancy so they charge MUCH more than other churches in the area... I am from Massachusetts.
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