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Floral Picks for Bridal Bouquet

I got married recently and used crystal floral pics for my bridal bouquet.. they were the simplest thing that made a big difference and I got TONS of compliments on them. They were soo sparkly in the sun and the lighting, etc.  Unique too, as I haven't seen any other brides have them. 

Anyway I'm just letting you know I'm selling my (just used once!) floral picks on Ebay; they're in perfect condition.  I spent tons of time searching the web (and of course agonizing over, lol) for the best ones and best deal..   you can get the best ones for a better deal here!

Good luck planning everyone....  remember, it's just one day.. don't sweat the small stuff.. your future together is the most important thing :)  (I know, at the time I thought every tiny wedding detail was the most important thing in the world too..hehe..)
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