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New Jersey - South

Collingswood Grand Ballroom

Can anyone tell me about any weddings they attended there?
Or if they had their own wedding there?

Re: Collingswood Grand Ballroom

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     Thanks for your advice on the Moorsetown C.C. We should be having about 150 
    and they can do 200, so I am hoping with that number it will be good. I will be sure to ask the cater we use though to double check! Many places I looked at 
    were out as soon as I saw the reception room due to the size. I knew it would be cramped. I was going to look at the Collingswood Ballroom, but I heard through a good friend that went their it looked nice in the front, but had a factory feel in the back of the building. She also said depending on how many people you are having it may be to large. For my 150 I think it would be to big. I believe they recommend at least having 150 to start before you book. 
  • shtaycee5shtaycee5 member
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    We did fall in love with it as soon as we found it. We plan on getting married there, cocktail hours, and reception. THe issue with some places was that I didnt want guests to see the turnover.

    Thanks for the input!

    My friends went to a wedding at the Ballroom and their complaint was the catering staff jumped in line to eat before all the guests did.
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    I've been to several weddings there and it's a nice place.  The food was good, the decor was nice.  Staff wasn't rude when I was there.  It IS fairly big, so if you're having a small wedding, this isn't the place for you.  Other than that, I've got no complaints.
  • danaornerdanaorner member
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    I went to a wedding here last summer and it was very nice! Had a very old school, classic, glamorous look to it. The food was VERY good. We had cocktail hour on the mezzanine then went downstairs for the meal. Across the board it was great service great food, and nice atmosphere. The only think I didn't like was that it was on the darker side. No natural light/dark furnishings. But if you don't mind that it would probably be a good fit fo ryou.
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