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Is it tacky not to have favors? IMO, they are a waste of money but I don't want to be too stingy. I've been to soo many weddings and don't remember a single favor.

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    I believe they are a waste of money, too.  I actually remember them from most wedding I've been to, and unless they were food, um, well, they weren't kept by me, at least.  And the food ones, such as the personalized cookies, are WAAAAY overpriced.  DD gave little boxes of M & Ms in her wedding colors as her favors.  The only reason why she did anything at all is because she found the boxes on sale, so they were about .15 each, and found coordinating ribbon on sale too, and then the M & Ms she just bought at some store that was closing down, for about a $1 for a one pound bag.  I think she spent about $20 on about 50 favors, so that made it not as bad as some.  I truly hate the "charitable contributions in your name"--invariably it's a charity I would never support. 
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    Some weddings don't have them...and I wouldn't let anyone make you think you need them.  We live in a small town (2000 people) and a common thing to have for favors around here is coolie cups.  In a way it sounds tacky, but if you really think about it, guests use them all night, and get good use out of them after the wedding if a lot of your group is younger.  Pretty cheap prices too.  A lot of favors get thrown out after the wedding anyway (unless they're edible), so it wouldn't be terrible to skip them.  I'm sure the people will be too worried about drinking, eating, and dancing to notice that you didn't pay more for them to also have a gift. 
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    Favors aren't necessary. I've yet to see a non-edible one that I was like "Oh, I need to take that home". The non-edibles that have come home (The dreaded champagne flute/shot glass with the couples' names and their wedding date on it), just sit in a cabinet until I no longer feel guilty about just tossing it. And they only were brought home in the first place if the bride was somebody that I know would have been upset by favors being left behind. Seriously, I reach for red plastic party cups before either of those for my beverage needs.

    I do like the edibles though, and always take them. I did little boxes of Jelly Belly beans for my favors, and it went over pretty well. We had a few boxes left behind, and we had absolutely no qualms about handling the leftovers.

    However, if somebody didn't have a favor at all (I've never been to a weddding that didn't have them), I probably wouldn't give it a second thought. I know if everything else was great, I wouldn't be going around saying "Oh, yeah, they had good food, open bar, and an awesome DJ, but they had the nerve to not have favors! They suck!", lol

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    I dreaded the idea of making favors. Plus the price can get a bit ridiculous, especially if some people don't even take theirs home. I decided I wanted a candy bar. I bought self adhesive bags and personalized labels, and each person can fill their own favor. I will have an assortment of candy and guests can make one of what they like, if they even want one. I think this is a neat alternative to the traditional sort of favors you normally see at weddings.
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    I agree with everyone here that favors are a waste of money and most people don't even pay attention to them. Instead of doing favors my FI and I are donating money in honor of our guests to the American Cancer Society (my fiance's dad and grandpa passed away from cancer). We will put table cards with our pictures on them out at the reception to announce this to our guests. This way we don't feel like we are wasting our money.
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    Favors are very common in some areas, while in others, they're almost completely unheard of. I would definitely skip them if they're not common in your area.
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