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Help! I need some ideas!

I'm looking for venue ideas.  I love in Florida, and was hoping I could find a location that is NOT a beach or a gazebo to get married.  I've considered getting married out of state, but the groom's parents and other family members won't travel.  So, I'm stuck and I've run out of ideas.  Ideally, I'd like it to be outside somewhere.  Something different...something beautiful that doesn't require much decor.  Am I asking too much?!? 

Re: Help! I need some ideas!

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    Try one of the Florida boards, I'm from southern IL, so I have no idea of any part of FL, except maybe disney world & land.
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    On the left side, click on Local Wedding Boards and choose your area of Florida.  I think there are a couple of Florida boards.
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    a church, hotel, college campus, your back yard, museum, art gallery...
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    I'm in Pensacola and we have quite a few museums and historic buildings that do weddings. You could also look into restaurants, bed & breakfasts, private banquet halls, and coutnry clubs. You should post on the Central Florida Board for suggesions in your area.
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    i will second the idea of a college campus-- they are super affordable and tend to be really gorgeous.  most have buildings or indoor areas designed for large gatherings, and campuses (particularly smaller, private schools) are incredibly accomodating and helpful.
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