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I would like my sister to have a reading in the ceremony and then my FI Aunt say a blessing at the end of the ceremony to bless the marriage.  Everything I've found so far is either too religious, common or mushy.
Does anybody have something that's sweet and pretty? I'm catholic and don't mind some religion but do not want to be too religious.

Thanks :)
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Re: Readings/prayer

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    I agree with Stage.  If this is something they regularly do then writing it themselves should be easy.  Also, are you doing this because you want to involve them or do you know they will be ok with it?  Some people have a hard time talking in front of people.
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    Have your FI Aunt write the prayer herself. It would be appropriate to not have it memorized as prayers are best when they come from the heart (and everyones eyes will most likely be closed or averted). Definitely let her write it, if you have special points you would like her to hit, but let it come from her. This will also help her feel special, that she got to contribute to your special day. 

    As for readings if you don't want to get too religious i would go with some nice quotes. You can do very serious, funny, very mushy, or light. You could also read a poem or even a short monologue from a movie or play/musical that you like. 

    My best advice for all you brides out there is to delegate tasks! This is so important if you are not using a wedding coordinator and can help people feel important and a part of the special day and alleviate some of the overwhelming feelings of planning a wedding. Allowing your FI's  Aunt to write the prayer and running by you later would save you a significant amount of time and worry (we are our own worst critic) and asking the reader to find a poem or quotes or readings about love, or marriage, or relationships will save you hours of going through books and websites and will help that person to feel like they are truly involved and connected. 
    Best of Luck!
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