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Aisle Runner issues.

So we are having our wedding at a park.  His mom thinks we absultely need an aisle runner.

Have you found a way to secure them on the grass?  What about grass stains from peoples footprints?  And heels poking through?

Has anyone had any success with this?

Thank you much!
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Re: Aisle Runner issues.

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    Aisle runners are a tripping hazard.  I really recommend skipping them.  At one wedding where someone fell, the wedding was halted while there was a trip to the ER.  Please save yourself the risk. 
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    Compromise by using lots of flower petals to line the aisle. 
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    An aisle runner is definitley not needed. If you want to make the aisle more noticable, do as PP said and use flower petals. 
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    Everything I've read says you should not have an aisle runner at an outdoor wedding.  It is a tripping hazard.  Make sure your FMIL knows this and be safe!
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    My cousin did an aisle runner at her outdoor wedding, and the only way they were able to make it stay in place was by using rocks. When people were seating themselves, it got pushed around and the WP going down before the bride made it get all bunched up. I personally wouldn't do it. Tell you FMIL that you'll definitely compromise by doing something to make the aisle look special but that an aisle runner is a bad idea. Maybe line the aise with luminaries and sprinkle the aisle with petals or something like that. It's also a lot more fitting for an outdoor ceremony than a runner.
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    Thanks for the input. I couldn't agree more with all of you.

    I have been thinking about this long and hard because I don't want any injuries.
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    Google aisle decor- I was just looking at alternatives for this for my outdoor ceremony. There are plenty of really beautiful ideas that you can do instead of an aisle runner.
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    If you are having ushers, you could always ask them to unfurl the aisle runner just before you walk down the aisle. This is what my venue suggested.

    That way all guests and WP do not trample all over it, and it will be pulled taunt right before you walk down it. Though, I'm not sure how to address it if the wind is an issue...

    ... jury is still out for me on having one (I was opposed to an outdoor wedding in the first place, though, so I'm making a lot of adjustments).

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