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Venue I booked is TOO big

I was engaged this past Saturday and we are getting married August 21st (Yes, of THIS YEAR!).
So I found an amazing ballroom and decided to book it- we are having the ceremony and reception all in the ballroom. The event planner at the location said we would have a formal ceremony then all the guests would go onto the terrace while they quickly set up the reception; however, we expect about 125 people to attend and the room can fit up to 400 people.
I'm trying to get ideas on how to make the room feel more intimate and smaller so everything doesn't get lost in the room.
Any ideas appreciated and pictures would be great!

Re: Venue I booked is TOO big

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    I would set up lounge in one area of the room. Comfortable sitting might be nice for those guests who don't want to dance.

    You could also partition the room off with romantic, flowy fabric.  The ceremony would be on one side, and the reception would be on the other.  That way, they could set up both before your ceremony.
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    Talk to the event planner about what they usually do.  I'm sure you're not the first bride to have a 125 person guest list in their venue.
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    I'm mostly looking for advice on how to "block" some of the room for the ceremony since that is when all the chairs will be set up and the room will look rather empty. One of the walls is floor to ceiling windows that over looks the city, if that helps any.
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    Does the hall have any sort of partitions or drapery to hang from the ceiling so that maybe you can kind of cut the room in half?
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    The one wedding I went to that had both in the same room didn't look bad at all.  They already had the tables set up for the reception, and the ceremony was in the one corner of the room.  We all had our backs to the rest of the room so pictures didn't show the rest of the room, just the ceremony area. 

    Other than that, as PPs said I would ask the coordinator at your reception site if they have seen things done in the past.  Sometimes its easier to just go straight to the source since we don't know exactly what your room looks like, and you don't have a lot of time to play with. 
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    Not sure what your budget looks like, but what about hiring a lighting specialist to come in, highlight the tables/used areas, and leave the unused portion of the room dark, and less noticeable.
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    In this picture, there's lots of extra space around the room, but they've done it up quite nicely with the lighting. Here's the link to see it bigger.

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