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Reserving a beach...

Hello ladies...
My fiance and I are going to be paying for our wedding, as many of you are. So we're trying to find the most budget friendly ways to work around some things. For example... we want to have our wedding on a beach in Clearwater or St. Pete. I've looked into destination wedding coordinators that will set arches up and flowers and provide a minister. 
My grandfather is an ordained minister and would do it for free. The arches or anything I want can be rented "al la carte". So that leaves the beach itself. Where are the best locations to reserve and how do I go about reserving them? Is that a more budget friendly way to go?
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    Try posting this on a local St. Pete area board.  This board is international, and we won't know specifics like this.  Example:  I'm in NJ and know nothing about the Clearwater/St. Pete area.  GL
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    You usually contact the town in which beach is located. You may have to apply for a permit to hold wedding.
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    We got married on Smathers Beach in Key West Florida, and no permit is required there, but if the beach is part of a state park, you'll have to get a permit, and give a reservation fee.  They range from  $50 to $1000, depends on the beach.  Also, some parks are weird (which is why we chose Smathers), in that you can "reserve" a spot, but you can't say, and they won't tell you until you arrive that day, which spot you'll get. In other words, they will tell you the day of where you'll be getting married on some State Parks.  So ask a lot of questions when you file for the permit. 

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    I'm sure it depends on the area but I looked at having a destination wedding in S.C. where my fiance's family is but I couldn't find a beach in the state that actually let you reserve it.  If its considered a public beach then it wasnt allowed.  You could have a wedding there if you wanted but random ppl could walk through or throw a towel down and tan next to you if they wanted and there was nothing you could do about it.  I couldn't deal with that fact and scrapped the idea quickly.  Although a friend later mentioned to me that if you find a beachfront house to rent the beach access they have is not always considered public, so that may be something to look into.  Good luck to you!
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