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Ladies who wore/wearing a vail

Ok so I just bought my vail tonight and it's stunning. I always imagined I would wear a vail for my ceremony and than take off for reception. But my mom insists that I keep vail on for reception thru the first dance. Espeically since we paid so much for it. Now I'm confused on what I should do. I've also been looking at wedding photos of other people and can't decide if pictures look better with or without the vail. What did y'all do? Wear vail for ceremony and reception and pictures? Or just ceremony? Am i reading too much into this? Opinions please.
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Re: Ladies who wore/wearing a vail

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    [QUOTE]Beach- haha!  Good one. I am wearing my veil through the ceremony and taking it off for the reception.  I may take it off halfway through pictures though now that Irish mentioned it.  I'd like some pictures with the veil and without.
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    And you know, it's one of the smartest things I did. In some of the pictures the lighting looks funny catching the veil. I'm glad to have a bunch without it!
  • I wore a cathedral length veil for the ceremony (Catholic wedding in a church) and removed it after we took pics post-ceremony. As it was, people were stepping on my train so much at the reception (including my H) that I can only imagine the damage that would have been done to the veil, too.
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  • I wore one for the ceremony and the pictures after.  One of my BM gave me great advise before I purchased mine.  She said that she wished she had taken her's off because people kept hugging her and her head would jerk back because the veil would get all mixed up in the hugging.  Then there was the dancing part.  So I just got mine for like $25.00 or so off Etsy.  I had no intentions of wearing that thing any longer than I needed to.  It actually came off before the intros. 
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    I'm wearing a cathedral length veil - we're sewing tiny little white stones on the edges so it doesn't blow around too much during the ceremony (a suggestion from a friend I thought was rather brilliant). 

    However, as soon as you are done with the ceremony and you're getting hugs, people hug your veil and it yanks back your head.  I've now had 2 separate friends hand me their veils during cocktail hour because they couldn't stand having their head yanked back and it stepped on and pulled constantly.

    I'd say wear it for your ceremony & some pictures, and then take it off.

    ETA:  And mine's not cheap - I wanted to DIY, but my Mom insisted while we were at the bridal salon when I picked my dress, and she plopped down her credit card before I could say anything.  Rather, she ignored my rather loud protests and bought it anyway.  So even though we're spending a bundle on the veil, it'll be worn for 30-40 minutes max.  My father would have a heart attack if he knew!



  • Well Beach commented on the obnoxious spelling error.

    I bought a veil, an expensive one at that because I plan to pass it down. It was waist length and I wore mine for pre ceremony pictures and put it on right before the ceremony as a surprise for H since we did a First Look. I kept it on for a couple pictures after the ceremony but even in the Limo going to the reception I was sitting on it and it was very annoying.

    I'll also ditto Cal it was annoying during the receiving line. It was getting pulled down while I was hugging ppl. Our photog got some funny pics of me making weird looks of pain.

  • Mine only goes up to my elbow? Wrist? I don't remember. I'm wearing it for the ceremony and switching it out for a bird cage veil for the reception.
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  • Haha I promise I'm not a bad speller. Went to college for 5 years! Lol I've never had to use the word VEIL in a sentence when writing before, so guess I never learned that one nor did I pay attention when I saw it written. My bad. But thanks for the sarcastic comment, you seem like a really nice person. Thanks everyone for all your input! Mine is just to my waist, so it shouldn't get in the way too much if I decide to leave it on.
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