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inter-faith issues

Any suggestions for an inter-faith ceremony? My fiance is non-denominatinal Christian and my family is Catholic. I started going to church with my fiance about a year ago and decided to not get married in the Catholic church because of having to sign a disposition promising to raise the children Catholic, which I also feel uncomfortable doing.  My parents were in an uproar about the whole thing and even said they would not attend the wedding. They have decided to attend after some discussion but I feel there is a dark cloud over the whole thing because they don't see the wedding as "Sacramental" (legit). It just makes me feel sick to know it had to come to this and I know it's not about everyone else but I still feel like I need to appease everyone, even just for my sake of worrying about it. Has anyone had any experience with a priest being involved in the ceremony without the couple having to sign a disposition? 
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