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From the beginning of our planning my FI has said that he wants to wear his uniform (Army Dress Mess). I was under the assumption that only he would be wearing a uniform since his grooms men are split half and half, some in the Army, some not. He has now informed me he only wants to wear his uniform if the groomsmen who are also officers wear their's. The problem comes that the other two only have their dress blues... I had read somewhere that for a military wedding, you only wear a uniform if it is equal in formality, so would it be weird if some wear dress blues and he wears his dress mess?
I'm so confused... I know the military is going to be a major part of our lives for awhile and it is extremely important to him. I want him to wear his uniform, but is it out of protocall if they wear different ones?

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    I am in the same situation ! He wants to wear his Class A's . but some of the groomsmen are different ranks & some of them , are just civilians ! as far as i know , it is not out of protocol . but as far as our wedding goes, i think the groom will just be in his class a's. i wish you luck !
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    i think it really is about what he wants to wear. my fiance will be in dress blues, 2 groomsmen in class a's, and one groomsman in a tux. i was worried for a while at it looking eclectic, but it's what he wants and i'm not worried anymore, i think it'll look very distinguished :)
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    I was in the same boat, My Fiance is in the army and two of the grooms men are from different brances in the military one navy the other marine, but my fiance is wearing his class A's and all the grooms men are wearing Tuxedos, this way my man stands out from the rest of them.
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