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XP: Walking down the aisle---HELP!!

Before sharing the problem, let me explain a little history. I grew up with my mom and brother in a single family household (although my mom is now remarried). However, my dad had weekend custody. So, I'd spend my weekends with him growing up. He also paid child support. Once I started high school, I became busier with extracurricular activities and what not, so I'd go over less and less. Once I graduated high school, he obviously stopped paying child support. I went away to college and my mother paid for absolutely everything. I remember asking him if he'd be willing to send me a little money every month to help for odds and ends, as I wasn't working at the time. He said he'd love to..I never saw a dime.

Fast forward to today, I don't see my dad too often and we're definitely not very close. My mother and stepfather have offered to help pay for the wedding. My dad has not offered, which isn't ideal, but I won't be rude and make a big deal about it. Regardless, I was planning on asking him to walk me down the aisle, as he is my father and I do love him, we just haven't been close in years. My mom has now decided she is really against this idea. She's incredibly insulted that he hasn't helped to pay for anything in almost 8 years (college, doctor bills, etc.) and more importantly, claims he wasn't the one who raised me. She really hates the idea of him walking me down the aisle and she pretty much suggested that she too walk me down the aisle. I absolutely LOVE my mother dearly and we are pretty close. Although I don't want to hurt her feelings, I kind of wanted to do the traditional thing, dad walks daughter down the aisle.

Jumping forward, I was thinking...maybe I can include a mother/daughter dance? I know this isn't super traditional either, but I think I'd prefer this idea as opposed to the both of them walking me down. She says her feelings won't be hurt if I don't want her to join us in walking down the aisle, but I still worry that they will be. I want to do something special for her as well. So, what would you guys do...should I maybe do a mother/daughter dance or have her walk down the aisle with us?

Any thoughts/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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