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Calindi is one of my Hero's!!

Way to Go on running your 5k!! And cooking a feast on top of it!! So proud of you Girl!! Any of you ladies who cooked, bought or otherwise provided a meal for a Marine, Soilder, Sailor, Airman, or CoastGuardsmen on Thanksgiving, Go You!!! I know what that means to SM who other wise would spend thier day in the barracks. Thank you for keeping SM on your minds!!
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Re: Calindi is one of my Hero's!!

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    Aww, go you Calindi!  I can't imagine cooking a full meal after doing a 5k.  Anytime I've done a race I am shot for the rest of the day.  I'm sure those guys were all very pleased with their dinner.
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    calindicalindi member
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    Aw, thanks girls!  My 5k went pretty well, actually! I finished in 40:15, which works out to be around a 13 minute mile - slow, but reasonable.  And I ran the whole way!

    BF ran with me the whole way, and kept encouraging me.  I started overheating around Mile 2 (I apparently didn't hydrate enough, so I wasn't sweating, and it was 83 degrees outside and sunny) so he sprinted ahead and grabbed some water from the hydration station, came back and threw it in my face.  He got a bit too much joy out of that, so he did it again every time we passed a hydration station, whether I needed it or not!  The last quarter mile, he held my hand - so sweet!  If I wasn't already a huge enough fan, I've fallen just a little bit more in love with him for how patient and wonderful he was in helping me with my first race.

    Dinner was actually fairly easy - the day before, I made the green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, cornbread, mulled apple cider, apple pies and pumpkin pies (from scratch - the best!).  Then I only had to do the mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, and turkey on Thanksgiving.  BF made the cranberry sauce. I even had time to make an onion dip and a baked brie for appetizers while we watched football.   We had a 24 lb bird!  I even had time to sit and watch football with a beer while things were cooking.  Pretty easy!

    I fed me, my grandparents, a Vietnam Marine Vet (BF's Dad), an Operation Iraqi Freedom Marine Vet (law school friend of BF's), a 2nd Lt in the USMC (BF), a soon-to-be Marine Corps Candidate (another law school friend), and another non-military affiliated law school friend.  Overall, great meal, big appetites, and I sent the boys home with lots of leftovers for each of them.  Success!

    I'm the middle in the blue waving as I ran past my grandparents - BF is the very tall guy whose head is above the others!

    My massive turkey right before I put it in the oven

    The spread before it was attacked

    My apple pie - soooo good!  My favorite part of the meal - happy to give the recipe to anyone who wants it, it was surprisingly easy!

    I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving - I know we stopped and gave thanks to all the service members and their families who couldn't be together this holiday because they were serving our country.  Thank you to all of you who love a service member, who fed a service member, or who are a service member!



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