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any ideas for an uneven wedding party?

I am wondering if anyone has some good ideas for how the wedding party could come down the aisle, we have 4 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen so I don't want anyone to be left alone. I was thinking about having my son (ringbearer) walk down with the moh...or would this be changing things up too much? thanks for any input!

Re: any ideas for an uneven wedding party?

  • Just have two girls walk with one guy.
  • We had one more girl than we had guys (a junior bridesmaid), so on the way back down the aisle she picked up our younger brother (10 years old) from his place with our parents and they walked together.
  • They can walk alone in a weave:  girl, guy, girl, guy, etc.

    One lucky GM can escort two ladies

    One lady can walk solo

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  • I have 4 guys & 3 girls - one BM will walk with two GM.

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  • When you get to the rehearsal, shove them through the doors and let them figure it out on their own.  Or have the guys already up front, so you only have to figure out escorts for the recessional, which is lightning fast and which no one watches.
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  • i agree with pp 2 girls one guy is fine
  • I am just opposite of you.  I have 4 guys and 3 girls.  We are getting married in a very old church and I don't think the aisle is wide enough for 2 guys to escort one girl, so I am just going to have the last guy fall in behind the rest of the bridal party.  Trust me, that isn't what the people from your ceremony will remember and be ranting and raving over as to how people left the ceremony! lol

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    Have the MOH walk alone and then on the way out 2 girls with one guy.
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  • You could always dress up a blowup doll. I'm sure noone will notice.
  • Have your MOH walk on her own.
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  • I vote for the weave too.!!..We also have an uneven wedding party. 1 MOH and 6 bridesmaids, and then 2 best men, and 3 groomsmen. My MOH is walking with the 2 BM and the rest of the groomsmen are each walking with 2 bridesmaids, so I love the way that worked out. Its really not a big deal either way, your guests arent going to care how your BP gets down the aisle :)

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  • I think thats a great idea. I have 4 bridesmaid and 3 groomsmen and I was also thinking a bout having my 3 year (ringbearer) also walk with one of them.
  • thanks...all great ideas!
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