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Haven't seen him in 6 months

My fiance and I are both active duty air force. Our wedding is in 11 days and it will be the first time we've seen each other since he went overseas 6 months ago. I am very nervous for the wedding as a whole, and even more nervous to be seeing him again after so long. (We've been together for 4 1/2 years but have been split up for 3 of them). Do any military brides have any advice for calming my nerves? Right now I'm not sure I could make it down the aisle without freezing up in fear or maybe just passing out right there!

Re: Haven't seen him in 6 months

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    Hi there and Congrats on the upcoming wedding! When will you two see each other? Do you have time before the wedding, even a day or two? It will be nice to spend some alone time together first and catch up since you haven't seen each other in months. My FI and I did this before our wedding, even though we were really cramped with time, we managed to spend a couple days together, focusing mainly on just us and catching up. We didn't see each other for a couple of months before the wedding, and we just wanted the alone time before being with everyone else and doing wedding stuff like rehearsal, RD, family gathering and his Bach Party.

    Just try to keep your nerves calm as much as you can, don't think about the wedding day too much. Once everything is done with planning, then you really can't do much abotu it anymore! ;) It's okay to let things go too, even if some things don't go the way you want them to when it comes to the wedding.

    A "me" day would be very nice too. Get a massage, have your nails done, go to the salon. It's always nice to have that pampered feeling. And lastly, relax, take a deep breath, and know that you are about to marry the man you are in love with and will be spending the rest of your life with! ;)

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    Hopefully SamiJoe will see this, she was Navy and her H is USMC, and they were apart similarly, if my memory serves.

    I think your nerves are totally normal, and I bet seeing your FI at the end of the aisle will keep you calm. Just focus on the fact that your wedding day is just a ceremony and party. Your marriage is what really counts, and wedding day jitters can't mess that up!
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    Excellent memory Stan!!

    Hubby and I were apart for the better part of last year, and he came home right before the wedding. Is your FI coming home like The Day of the wedding? Mine came home on the tuesday before our wedding, with most of our family arriving on thursday before our saturday wedding. So we were able to spend 2 days together, his parents wanted to go to the airport with me to pick him up, but I wanted to go alone, since it would be the first time we saw each other in a while. We spent those 2 days doing the stuff that we loved doing together as a couple, we caught up on movies we had wanted to see together, ate pizza, and went to the casino, just stuff that we like doing together.

    I was nervous too though, but my nerves vanished instantly at the sight of him, and I'm willing to bet yours will too. It's the marriage that matters, not the wedding itself (just like Stan said), our wedding day was not without it's difficulties, but what mattered was that we were joined as Man and Wife and that we were starting our life together as a married couple. Try if you can to squeeze in some alone time with your man. Good Luck, and I'm sure your nerves will be fine.Smile

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    Welcome to the Boards! My FI is AD AF as well. He is still finishing up some training and will only be able to come home the day before the wedding. (As of right now the friday before the wedding is free, but he still needs permission, and the schedule can change etc).... 

    I'm hoping I will get to see him at the rehearsal and RD... but I wont be able to pick him up at the airport since I will be busy with last minute details. (I would recommend what Sami did though if I could)  If I don't get to see him on friday, I will see him before the wedding during our First Look. 

    I don't know all the details of your situation but if you are unable to see him the day(s) leading up to the wedding, its still possible for you guys to see each other before the walk down the aisle. 

    For us, we had to do a first look, in order to get pictures in the Church (we are being kicked out right after the wedding ceremony for evening mass). Although some may disagree with me I am a big fan of first looks. If gives you both some "us" time before things get really crazy.. calms nerves etc.  

    GL and I HTH!

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    Aw that must be so stressful added to the stress of the wedding, I can't imagine! I agree with PP...just try to relax, pamper yourself, surround yourself with friends and get all excited for the big day. Will you be able to talk on the phone or text before you see him? That adds a huge level of connection for me at least, so maybe that will help calm our nerves and keep you calm until you can see each other. Best of luck!!
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