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Re: Marrying and PCSING!

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    Pretty much everywhere in Europe requires command sponsorship.  You also need to be enrolled in DEERS.  In order to do that, you need your offical marriage certificate, which your officiant files after the wedding.  Each state has a different timeline and way they do that.  Most states mail it to you a few weeks after the wedding.  You'll also need your birth certificate and and social security card.

    However, if you plan on changing your name when you're married, I would legally change your name on your driver's liscence, social security card, etc. first.  It avoids A LOT of headache later on.  Social Security and a lot of states also require the offical copy.  Soon as you get you should just make like a few photocopies bc everyone will want one.

    For DEERS enrollment they do ask to see the original (at least they did with us).  As for how you get into DEERS, IDK how that works with your FH being in Europe and you being in the US.  Someone else will be able to help with that. 

    When we got married, MH had 2 months of AD left and then was going guard.  So I changed all my stuff and in the meantime, let him transition to guard and then enrolled in DEERS.
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    You may want to ask this question over on Military Nesties on The Nest.  There are a few of us who board jump, but not many of us have done an OCONUS PCS.  There are a few ladies over there who just did it or are about it. 
    I do know that Dana is right about the command sponsorship. 
    Are y'all already married and planning a VR?  I know you can't go with him unless you are on his orders and have a sponsor. 

    <a href="https://sites.google.com/site/milnestfaq/" target="_blank" title="Military Newlyweds FAQ"><img src="http://tinyurl.com/ya7ofn4" alt="Military Newlyweds FAQ Button" height=86 width=108></a>
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    Thanks for the advice, i do remember my mother-in-law mentioning the sponsorship. We are doing our JP in Dec. well before the wedding so that all of our paperwork is done and out of the way. Ill definitely drop by the military nesties page. Thanks for the advice, i appreciate any i can get!
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