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SO, i know my wedding date was in oct. but i was recently informed that while the amazing man i chose to be mine for the rest of my life, is in the AF that i would have trouble getting that date. We were thinking of maybe doing it on Black friday of that year (because according to his sarg, it would be easier to request that time in advance. a kind of thanksgiving or Christmas deal)  We both have family in the CT area and the number of pple who would have to travel would be 6.  The wedding would probably be 5-10 pm. Any thoughts? I know its black friday (one of my favorite personal holidays) and one of the greatest jokes he and i have together already, any opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks beautiful brides.

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    It would be easier, but it's still not guaranteed. Is he still doing tech training? Or is he at his fist duty station?
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    My FI is also AF but it's my understanding that it's actually harder for lower ranking individuals to get time off during the holidays because officers and NCO's get priority. Maybe that's just because my FI is Security Forces and they are considered mission essential so they can't all be off at once. They have to have enough folks to guard AF stuff. If your guy is in more of an office position then it might actually work. Also if they know the leave is for your wedding they are less inclined to take it away from you so he should make that known.
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    lol awesome. Yea the hubs is going into security forces also. He's also been waiting for a job to open so he could leave for basic. (it's taken the AF a year to place him and now have told him they'll take a year off his reservist time but his plan so far is to make the AF a career) Sounds like military clauses are going to be my best friend for this wedding huh. lol I'm sure something will come through, and the venue I like -already has a clause (without the 250 dollar insurance policy) that if the date needs to move they will have the wedding up to 6 months later at any of their 4 places. With the insurance there's no penalty for canceling the wedding except they keep the 250 and thousand dollar deposit. O well, I have some time to get to understand the situation better. Thanks gals i really do appreciate the input. :-)
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