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new military wife..

I have a question.. I am about to move with my new hubby to my first station!!! yay! anyway I am freshly graduated from college and will be going from 23credits and 35 hours of work a week too…… nothing! lol

To keep myself a little busy I have been thinking about starting a blog when i get there, but also i have considered doing something along the lines of fitness…

now just to get the opinions of other military wives I would like to know how you all feel about personal trainers, or fitness programs available to you on base?

if there was another army wife who was a trainer would you use her? or if there were say “boot camps” set up where you could join other ladies to work out together?

what if it was all online and you could join a military wife community where workouts, diets, meals, were posted and everyone could support each other and work together towards achieving a healthy lifestyle?

thank you so much for any an all input!!!

Re: new military wife..

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    Most posts have a gym, complete with trainers and boot camps. Mayeb you could just work for the post gym as a trainer?

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    My sister is a personal trainer and she had to go to school for six months. She had to learn a lot of science about the muscles in the body, what to do for certain types of injuries, how to train different types of people like obese people or pregnant women. I'm sure there was more to it, this is just the stuff she would talk about. Plus she has to take continue education to remain certified. But she also teaches various fitness classes and for that type of fitness job you can become certified in a weekend.
    But like the previous posters said, you could always get a job at the base/post gym so it would be a good portable career if your husband is planning on being career military and will be transferred a lot.

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    meganreillymeganreilly member
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    thanks ladies.. my biggest delima with working on base at the gym is A. we wont be on base, we are off base bc his school is, and i think it would be a long drive to get to work, to possibly work for an hour (not the best econmical plan) and I was thinking of trying to reach more than women just in my area, maybe a way for them to bond in a healthy way. (have heard alot about issues between military wives and cattyness) Form a community of women that could support each other...  have healthy recipes and possibly commity boards where women from different bases can find each other and form groups to workout together. having people motivate themselves though i am sure would be an issue! lol

    Thank you for your input!!! if i decided to do it i will prob post it on here =)
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    even if you dont do fitness, the post should have a program to help military spouses find jobs in the area and they also have a lot of programs you can volunteer to help with to help you take up your time. what post are you moving to?
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