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So FI and I went and looked at the church we will be using for our reception day..we both love it, however even though the aisle is centered there are two sets of doors you enter to go into the sactuary and they are on the both sides that do not lead to the middle aisle. You walk in the doors then either to the right or the left is the oly aisle. I am okay with this-not a huge deal. I have just never seen a wedding like this that I can remember and I was just wondering if anyone has? I was just wondering if it caused some crowding issues with the bridal party?
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    Im slightly confused, does this mean you can walk in one door and turn left to get to the middle aisle and one door and turn right to get to the middle aisle? cause if this is the case, and your bridal party is walking down together, (groomsmen with a bridesmaid on his arm) it could be really cute to have the groomsmen come in one door, and maids come in the other door, join in the middle and walk down the aisle, it wouldnt be crowded at all, it would be neat :)...if this isnt what you meant at all, sorry i cant be more help. Good Luck!
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