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Any other grooms changing after the ceremony?

Boy insists he wants to change out of his blues-- I really don't care either way. I just think an appropriate time to do so is during cocktail hour (which in our case is an hour and a half) since we're doing pictures before, and it's a normal time for brides and grooms to "disappear" and take photos. HE thinks it's more appropriate to attend cocktail hour and change into his tux at a later time in the reception. I'm just sort of wondering when.

Anyone else have this plan, and if so, what are you doing?
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Re: Any other grooms changing after the ceremony?

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    Were doing something similar,but in the opposite order. He's wearing his tux in the ceremony and the first half of pictures (this was his plan btw lol) and then changing half way through.  If i were you i would change right after the pictures, everyone will have already seen him in his blues for the ceremony, so it shouldn't be a huge deal for him to change, brides do it all the time! Hope this helps, good luck!
  • DanBry12DanBry12 member
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    FI is wearing his blues through the cake cutting then changing when the open dancing starts. That way he has one look for all of the "formal" wedding stuff. Our reception is in the ballroom of the hotel we are staing at so its a quick run upstairs which makes it a little easier. HTH
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    mine is going to be changing after our first dance... which is right after we enter the reception.
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    i havent even thought about this. i just assumed he was going to be wearing his A's the whole time :-/ is that wrong? or still acceptable? help..?

  • LuluP82LuluP82 member
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    Thanks everyone!

    Ray-- tha'ts exactly what I want him to do, but he wants to wear his uniform for all the formal stuff and then change. I just think that's going to be weird, even though it's a short trip upstairs to change. I don't want him to miss out on our reception to freaking change!

    And sj-- it's not wrong to not change. He just wants to, in order to be more comfortable for teh party part of the night.
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    I asked mine what he wants to wear for the ceremony and reception.  I said I don't care.  And he said it's up to me and he doesn't care.  He is in the Coast Guard.  What is the appropriate thing to do? 

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