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Help! Picking the date is driving me up the wall!

Hey all,

My fiance and I are planning to get married next Spring between our graduation (his from grad school, mine from undergrad) and his beginning API/Flight Training (he's NROTC).  

The problem is, my brother and his fiance (my best friend since we were six) are now engaged as well and looking at the same time frame--my brother is NROTC, too. 

None of us can figure out how to do this.  We only have a two week time frame available and we all want to be at each wedding.  We're going to get married here, but we don't want to put too much burden on traveling friends and family, what with graduate graduation on the Friday, undergrad graduation on the Saturday, and two separate weddings to attend.

We'd probably just go by straight "who's been engaged longest" (my fiance and me), but my brother is older.  Any ideas?  

Re: Help! Picking the date is driving me up the wall!

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    A double wedding? Or else back-to-back the same day, with a joint reception.

    Otherwise, you'll have to do one wedding one weekend, one the next, and the both of you couples are just going to have to grin and bear it when certain people won't be able to make both - oh, AND NO COMPETITION.

    Good luck with all that...
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    If you guys were close and had similar tastes I think I back-to-back wedding could be possible. If if were me I would still want my own seperate ceremony but then could combine for the reception, that way your budget would be twice as big too.
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    Thanks for the advice!  I like the idea of two separate ceremonies, but a joint reception.  I'll see how that goes over with the bunch.
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    I think the idea of separate ceremonies but a joint reception is a great idea. Like PP's said it could save on costs and be a unique way to celebrate with everyone
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    Definitely!  That way each bride can have her own ceremony, which is ultimately the part where you become married.  So long as neither of you mind having another girl in white at your reception (and if you're best friends, it sounds perfect), it sounds like a wonderful way to double the budget and have a really kick-butt wedding!
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