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The Ceremony Rundown

Does anyone have what will be said at the ceremony all written out?  I would really like to see them if you have some in your bio.  Emphasis on non-religious or at least non-denominational ceremonies.  FI is non-denominational and I am anti-theistic so we will be doing more of a spiritual ceremony w/ native american vows and readings from The Alchemist.  I just want to get a better idea of all the parts of the ceremony.  Obviously we'll do what works for us, but I'd love to see yours!  TIA

Re: The Ceremony Rundown

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    In my married bio, scroll down to the bottom and click on Helpful Sites.  There is a ceremony in there.  Our officiant added some stories and anecdotes to make it more personal for us, but the main ceremony outline that he used is there.
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    If anyone is interested, we put a rough idea of what we want in the planning bio.  See link in sig.  Thanks for the ideas girls!
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