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Has anyone done this?

FI and I attend the same church, and our pastor has a policy on officiating only at wedding ceremonies taking place only in our sanctuary unless there is a really good reason for this not to happen (as in having a larger guest amount that will fit in the sanctuary......which would be 500+)

FI would like to be married outdoors with a traditional ceremony and will ask another pastor from the same denomination that we are close to to officiate. We will invite the pastor at our home church and his family to the ceremony/reception.

What I was thinking would be very sweet is if we invited all of the guests to church the morning of the wedding and asked our Home Church Pastor to give us a blessing at church. It would also allow members of the church who aren't invited to the wedding (our guest list is already at 300 (!) and our church has almost twice that in membership!) to celebrate with us.

Anyone else do something like this? How did it go?
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