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OK, so Ive been informed by another bride on the site via an earlier post that i did about OPSEC and some things to look out for....well i mentioned this to my soon to be fiancé and he was like 'oh yea that is something we need to be careful about'. well now im making our 'wedding website' (which is coming out super dooper cute!!)via the knot, and the about the bride section is super long, and the about the groom section is literally ONE SENTENCE!! he wont even let me put that he is even enlisted in the AF, his section simply contains where he was born and raised and when he graduated high school...whereas mine is a novel! Surprised
any suggestions?


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    You are fine to write that he is in the AF, and you can even put what base he is stationed at.  Things against the rules would be if you wrote "FI is in the AF and will be leaving for deployment to ______ on this date _____ until this date _____."   But you can write anything that is public information.  For example, H's aircraft carrier is deployed right now, and thats public knowledge.  Its not public knowledge exactly where the ship is and when they will be in ports or where.  We don't even find out what port they go to until about a week before, and we aren't allowed to tell anyone.  We don't even know specific dates until they actually get there. 

    If someone could google and get the information, then you are fine to post it.  But if your H would prefer not to, then you don't need to put it.  Most people invited to your wedding would probably know the info anyways. 

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    There's got to be more about him than his time in the military, if he'd rather not put that on the website.  Just talk about what he likes to do in his free time, how you met, what his favorite movie is, his love of microbrew beer, whatever. 

    Also, keep off any last names from the website for an added PERSEC security - just use your first names!  Your loved ones will know who you are.

    You can send him to this site to learn a little more about what's okay and not okay:

    So, I would say you can use first names, ages, schools, careers, and stay away from any location-specific information and last names.



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    Oh, also, a suggestion would be to trim yours - even when they're a close friend, I'm not that interested in reading more than 1-2 paragraphs max.



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    Thanks yall!!
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    Even things that are "public knowledge" and are able to be googled shouldn't be posted.  You really shouldn't post that your H's ship or unit is about to be deployed. 
    Generally, it is ok to post that he is in the AF.  If he doesn't want it posted, I wouldn't put it in there.  You could put things about him with out saying he's in the AF.  What does he do?  What does he enjoy on his free time? 


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    Just a suggestion - use the password feature so that only those you want visiting  your site have access.  We just weren't willing to put our background out there for just anyone to read and our invitees are pretty aware of why.  (Also, first names only)

    Also - we insisted in our photograpghy contract that 1) we had full copyright to all images and no one (even the photographer) was allowed to use any of the images without our express written consent. (even for advertising)  A couple of photograpghers said no, but eventually we found a few who understood why our guests's privacy was so important to us.

    good luck!


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