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So my family is doing everything they possibly can to help with this wedding. The problem is my husbands side of the family is not helping at all! Only one of his groomsman has gotten fit and the deadline was march 31st! As if Im not stressed enough, this just adds to it! Is anyone else having a problem with other people not getting fit or doing their part? How did you go about it? I told them well in advance so they would have plenty of time to take care of this!

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    I understand how you feel ! My fiance & I do not have much contact , so therefore i have to plan most of the wedding myself & its hard making big decisions on my own . We are not even sure about the wedding party due to the groomsmen being deployed around our wedding date ! But in answer to people not helping out much , just do what you want dear ! it is your day ! make it how you want . have fun ! thats just what i keep telling myself . we only do this once ! lets make it good *(:
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    thanks! my family is being amazing and my mom is pretty much planning everything then just checking to make sure i like her ideas. it helps that shes a floral designer! but i really appreciate the advice. we did the court thing in germany before deploying, so we havent spent any time together since we signed the papers.  i guess my problem still lies with getting his dad motivated to get fit for his tux, but you were certainly right. if he doesnt get it, he just wont be in the wedding no biggie. i just hate to see my husband disappointed from it. i really appreciate your help ladies!
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