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So I'm getting married in a big reception hall. Its gorgeous and right beside a lake which will be handy for pictures. The ceremony will be taking place right on the dance floor with tables and guests set up all around. I love this idea becuase it de-formamlizes this fairly formal space (we aren't an overly formal couple) and it's also soemthing that I've never seen at any of my friends' weddings, so I'm hoping that its something our guests won't have seen before either.

Anyhoo, I'm struggling to think of how I want to have the ceremony spot/altar set up. I don't want to have anything too over-the-top but I want to have something at that spot in the room so it doesn't look like we've decided to be married in an abyss. Any suggestions? Our centrepieces are going to include oranges, so Ithought a couple of orange trees might be cool, but since I live in Ontario, they are hard to find. My colours are dark purple and orange, and my bridesmaids are going to have hot pink and orange bouquets.

Help! I need to have this figured out before I meet with my florist. Aah!

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    How about something similar to a Jewish chuppah?  That would make a beautiful focal point, and maybe you could display and cut the cake there afterwards?

    Isn't this one gorgeous?  I'm sure your florist could incorporate oranges...

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    You're right...the one in that picture is gorgeous.

    Would it be at all offensive for me to use something like that? I mean...would if be offensive if I used a prominent symbol in Jewish weddings if I'm not a member of that faith? I wouldn't want to misuse something that means a lot to someone else...
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    I don't think it would be offensive...  I think I've seen Jewish brides make this decor recommendation to non-Jews on here before.  And it wouldn't really be a chuppah if you use it - it would just be a wedding canopy.

    Now I'm curious, though...  I'm going to head over to the Jewish Weddings board and ask :)  Look over there for an answer.
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    I agree with Expat. Don't call it a chuppah, just call it a canopy or archway. It should be fine.
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    So far the brides on Jewish Weddings think it's fine ;)  I think it would really be a great solution for you - and if you're on a budget, it shouldn't be too hard to build.  Then your florist can just decorate it.  Good luck!
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    Another alternative to having an arch would be to have some tall white columns and flower arrangements on top of the columns. You could have just two, one for either side of you both or you could get several in different sizes and arrange them accordingly. The arch is a little more decor and will look fabulous. Due to the way our ceremony site is setup, we couldn't have the arch I really wanted so are going for the columns instead.
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