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Wheelchair issue for outside ceremony

Our ceremony is outdoors. The aisle is concrete, but the chairs for guests will sit on the grass. We only have our maternal grandmothers living. All other grandparents are deceased.
FI's grandmother is very plus sized, and she has a lot of health issues. She is wheelchair bound, and she requires oxygen. For the ceremony, we were originally going to not have grandparents escorted down the aisle because of his grandmother's health issues. Now, my grandmother has contributed to about 7% of our total budget. I feel like not allowing her to walk down the aisle would be extremely rude.

If I have my grandmother escorted down the aisle, then I MUST have his grandmother escorted down the aisle. My problem comes in when I don't know how this can work.
First of all, we are walking out from inside and there are a few stairs to walk down. The handicapped exit to the building is on the other side of the building. Maybe she could be down stairs when the ceremony begins, and that would fix that problem.
Second, I don't know how easily someone can push her through the grass because she is so large. If she wasn't being escorted down the aisle, then someone could help have her placed in the front row before the processional.

How would you handle this? I really don't want to hurt any feelings, but I don't know how well this could work if his grandmother is escorted down the aisle.

****Disclaimer -- I'm not trying to make fun of her because she is plus sized. This is very awkward to me and I want to figure out a logical way to handle this before the rehearsal.
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