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Places to hold a wedding in Clarksburg/Bridgeport WV

I am having the hardest time finding a place to get married in Clarksburg WV! My fiance's family lives there and we really wants to get married there, but the venues for us seem to be limited!  HELP! We do not belong to any churches in the area (we live out of town) and we don't have a preference of indoors or outdoors.  As long as the venue is a reasonable size (holding around 250 - 400 people) for the ceremony only, and available, I am willing to look at it!  It doesn't matter which of these cities it is in, but we would prefer to not travel more than 10 miles from either.  Does anyone have any ideas for me?  Phone numbers would help too!

Re: Places to hold a wedding in Clarksburg/Bridgeport WV

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    Here are a couple of options.  I've been to Christmas parties at both, and the food was amazing


    This conference center has a hotel right next to it.

    this is a country club

    You may have to be a member to use it but I'm not sure.

    How does he feel about Morgantown?  More options there.

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    Yeah, we're in Morgantown, and there are tons of nice places up here. My boyfriend is from around Clarksburg too, but we'll probably have ours in Morgantown just because of the more venues.
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    The Bridgeport Conference Center is probably your best bet for the size you need in that area.

    If you want to travel to Morgantown, Lakeview Resort is probably the most popular.

    In the Weston/Jane Lew area there is the Plantation Inn with a new banquet facility.

    And if you've got a lot of money, there's the StoneWall Jackson resort. ;-)
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    Hey, congratulations on your big day! I'm a party planner.  It all depends on what you're wanting to do with your wedding.  Outdoors, indoors, theme, etc.  You could host at same location, move to a tent, etc.  Just depends on what you want to do.  :)

    Here are a few close to Clarksburg... If you decide that you are willing to go say about an hour from there (not for just one, but both), I can send you more options.

    Veteran's Memorial Park

    Heston Farm - Bridgeport

    Bel Meadow Golf Club - 10 miles from Clarksburg

    If you knew someone who was a member - Pete Dye Golf Club is gorgeous...


    Watters Smith State Park - about 22 min from Clarksburg

    Valley Falls Center - Grafton 22 miles from Clarksburg

    Lambert's Winery - about 38 min from Clarksburg (beautiful location for weddings)

    Hope some of these help... :)

    Good luck with your day.  Remember, it's all about your vision.  May it come true!
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