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wedding ring tight... help

Our wedding is in 9 days! Woo Hoo!
I had my wedding ring and engagement rings sized so that they would fit tighter. But my knuckle is bigger than where the ring lies. My issue is that it's tough to get the ring on, which leads to my concern about the ceremony. How does the wedding ring slide-on look "smooth" when its tough even for me to get the ring on and off... What do we do? I normally have to pull hard on my finger to get it off! :(

My mom suggested to wear the wedding ring through the ceremony, no one will notice and just pretend to put on another ring during the ring part...

Thanks in advance!

Re: wedding ring tight... help

  • DH couldn't smoothly put the ring on my finger during our ceremony.  My hands were slightly swollen and a little clammy.  It wasn't any big deal though.  DH put the ring on as far as he "smoothly" could and when the officiant started talking again I pushed it on the rest of the way.  I highly doubt that anyone else even noticed.

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  • When I was MOH for my uncle's wedding, the pastor told them both beforehand (at the rehearsal) to just put the rings on as far as they would go and not try to force them if they wouldn't slide over the knuckle. It didn't happen at the wedding, but they would have just had to pretend the ring went on correctly. No one would be able to tell from the congregation, anyway.
  • Try cooling your hand (without the ring on!)  in ice water or holding an ice pack just before you walk up the aisle, as well as lotioning up the ring finger as best you can.  Some days my engagement ring is really really tight and others it nearly falls off.  On the tight days I try to keep my hand cool and moist so the ring doesn't squeeze my finger.  Works pretty well!
  • I agree with the above PP. Also, avoid salt a couple of days before your wedding. Try not to add salt to anything and avoid processed foods, especially fast food. Salt is what makes your body retain water. Of course, a heitened blood pressure from, say, stress will do the same as with warm weather. Avoid salt, stay calm and try the lotion idea! Best of luck  :)

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