Winter Wedding in Jackson Hole - On a VERY Tight Budget

I need any input I can get about my destination winter wedding in Jackson Hole.  I am from CA and am hoping to get married in Jackson Hole between mid-Fed and mid-March of 2013.  The only problem is that I have a VERY tight buget.  We will be having our ceremony at the top of the Jackson Hole Tram....snow or shine!  BUT still trying to figure out a place for a reception.  We are going to have between 30 and 50 guests.  Everywhere that I have researched seem to have food and beverage minimums upwards of $3,000 which is a huge chunck of my $5,000 budget.  I'd llike to have a meal of some sort at the reception BUT it does NOT have to be anything ritzy....we are a down-to-earth couple and just want to have a meal (and some dancing) with our friends and family that will be making the trip. 

Any "out of the box" budget friendly reception ideas that you can give me would be greatly appreciated! 

Re: Winter Wedding in Jackson Hole - On a VERY Tight Budget

  • That sounds very fun! I felt your pain when I was planning my wedding. We did it all in a friend's yard because of the minimums at most places.

    Could you maybe just have a reception at a restaurant? Rendezvous Bistro has a room you can reserve, although it may not hold that many people. Otherwise, some of the more budget-friendly caterers I've found were Incredible Edibles and Dining In Catering. A buffet will usually save you money and you can ask the caterers what menu items you could choose that might bring the cost down a little.

    Check Old Wilson Schoolhouse Community Center in Wilson-I don't know exactly how much the rent is, but I think it's less than most. They have a kitchen and you could also bring your own alcohol in, which would save a lot of money. I just went to a wedding there and it's a very neat space.
  • What about Q Roadhouse.  It's a BBQ joint and can seat 60 poeple.

    I don't know the F&B min for 43 North restaurant (base of Snow King?) but that seems to be a place for more budget receptions.

    The Apres Vous Room at Snake River Lodge can seat 30 according to their PDF.  I wonder if more with a different seating arragnement. Buffets start around $38/40 per person.  I have photos and info on this place if you want.  PM me.

    Nick Wilson's Cowboy Cafe at the bottom of the JH resort could be an option.  It seats up to 100.
    Buffet starting at $48pp

  • I am also getting married in Jackson but not until June of 2013. We have been exploring ideas and you miiiiight be able to get away with putting up a tent somewhere and having a generator fuel your music and lights. YOu could do the dinner yourself, preparing the food on your own... Jackson is not a cheap place to get married. As we are now finding out. GOod luck!
  • Welcome sw!

    A tent won't work in the winter, but even that doesn't make it cheap. Tent rentals are expensive no matter where you are, but yes, everything is more expensive in Jackson for sure!!
  • Thanks for all of your suggestions.  I have emailed several of them for further information.  It does look like it will be extremely difficult to do this on my tight budget...but we are going to try.  Has anyone ever heard of the Teton Science School?  It looks like it might be a good option as well.  I have only see pictures of it but it does look like a financially feasible option.   
  • My daughter went to the Teton Science School Jackson campus year-round, and also for a few week-long visits at the Kelly campus. Both campuses are beautiful and everyone we have interacted with was nice. I don't know anything about weddings there unfortunately, but please share info if you contact them.

    It's challenging having a wedding here on a budget. Everyone assumes you're rich if you're getting married here and it's so not true! It's frustrating!
  • Teton Science School only lets you have a wedding there if you happened to work there at some point.

    The TSS in Jackson though is rentable, but hardly the views.  Starts at $3000 or 4000 I think for the space.

    I was lucky enough to stay at the TSS this Feb!
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    Suggestion...  There is the Elks lodge here in town that has done weddings before.  They have a full kitchen that a caterer could use possibly or one of their cooks would be willing to do it.  Also contact the county about the fair building.  Its not much but I do know they rent it out for weddings.  Also another inexpensive but very good caterer is Megan Zolonski with All Occasions Catering in Alpine, WY.  She is awesome can do anything you want and is the cheapest I have found in the Valley.  

    Good Luck! 
    possible winter wedding in wyoming...
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