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Officiant tipping

Is it standard to tip the officiant on top of the fee?  We are supposed to bring the fee in cash to the rehearsal, it is a $200 fee for the pastor, $150 for the pianist, $50 for the church setup.  Is it typical to tip the pastor in addition to his fee?

Re: Officiant tipping

  • No.  As a church organist, I have a set fee for weddings.  I provide my service, and you pay me the stated amount.  Unless I do something hugely over the top for you, I never expect a tip.  It's the same for a pastor. 

    The only time I've been tipped was when a bride's organist suddenly and very unexpectedly died on the Wednesday before a Saturday wedding.  I stepped in to another church, and an organ I didn't know.  I worked with the bride to get her music, went to the church and practiced to learn the instrument, attended the rehearsal and played  the ceremony.  Her dad hugely tipped me!  =)
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