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Updates on my little (BIG) Passenger (PIPs)

I had to go for an ultrasound this week b/c my belly was measuring a couple weeks ahead.

And based on ultrasound measurements, the Passenger is growing ahead of schedule! They estimate he is already almost 6 pounds, 70th percentile for weight/size, and I still have about 6 weeks to go. If he gains weight like an average baby, about half a pound a week...I'm looking at an 8-9 baby. EEP.

BUT they say he looks healthy and is doing just fine in there, so that is good news!

My blood pressure and other standard tests are all normal. Just a little more weight gained than would be ideal, but that makes sense if Baby is on the larger side.

And yes, I took the following pics in the bathroom at work. It's slow today, okay? :)

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